Android Developer

Job Location: Seattle, WA

Company Name: NewTelWire

Date Posted: 2019-04-11

Valid Through: 2019-04-22

Employment Type: OTHER

Job ID: 23453


Job Summary :

Design and develop software applications (apps) for mobile phones, smartphones, and other mobile devices with the Google Android operating system. Use Google Android platform and related software development technologies such as Java programming language. Manage full software development lifecycle including testing, implementation, and auditing. Perform product design, bug verification, and beta support which may require research and analysis.
• Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities,
• Participate in software design meetings and analyze user needs to determine technical requirements.
• Build Android apps that interact with leading technologies and web services
• Cutting-edge Android application prototyping and development
• Evaluate the effectiveness of implemented software.
• Research and remain informed of new technology and development tools.
• If creating product applications for market sale (rather than proprietary applications for internal use), may not be involved in all phases of software lifecycle (i.e., design, testing, implementation).
• Requirements for this role

Formal education:
• Bachelor's degree in computer science or related technical field.

Required experiences:
• Requires ability to work with vague initial requirements.
• Agile development process will be used, rapid initial results expected, followed by successive refinement over iterations.
• Ability to work well in small innovative teams.
• Experience with web based technologies will be a plus

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